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The campaign to get our music played on CapitalXtra continues in 2014

Since Global Radio re branded ChoiceFM as Capital Xtra in October 2013, specialist music programmes such as reggae, gospel, soca and calypso, have been dropped. As a result, there is no legal FM station, giving dedicated and significant airplay to reggae, gospel, soca and calypso. Join The Voice Newspaper readers, music lovers and Bectu, on January 25th to make Global Radio keep its license format promise. Three Jamaican entrepreneurs set up choice FM, in the 90s, for the south and north London black community, and lovers of reggae and gospel. For over 20 years it has held a special place in the hearts of black Londoners. Suddenly during Black History month last year, its owners, Global Radio, changed its name to Capital Xtra and dropped the specialist programmes that brought us reggae, gospel and soca, and without prior notice, let go their DJs. Some of the DJs had served the station for over two decades.Daddy Ernie, DJ 279, Natty B, Martin Jay, and Dave P cannot be heard on Capital Xtra.Choice FM’s loyal listeners, and Voice readers say over the last decade the radio station has been diluting its original music format. It’s listeners say the radio station now sounds hardly any different from other commercial music stations and they are demanding that Capital Xtra bring back the music that their broadcasting licence says they have to play. They say this is ‘more than a name change’.Let’s get Ofcom, the regulator that gives out radio licences, to enforce the licence Global Radio currently holds. Ofcom are currently investigating the matter, keep reading The Voice newspaper for updates on the campaign. If you still want to hear our music: calypso, dancehall, gospel, reggae, soca on a commercial music station and you don’t want to hear your music during anti-social hours, then join us, on the 25th of January and sign our petition. Have your say … Let’s show them WE want to hear OUR music and our black local community news. Make your opinion count. Don’t let our cultural heritage disappear from the legal airwaves altogether. We continue to receive complaints concerning the Choice FM re brand, but we would advise you redirect these complaints to Ofcom. Phone them on 0330 123 3333 or 0207 981 3040, and they will respond, to your complaints regarding Capital Xtra dropping specialist programming for reggae, soca, calypso and gospel. After all, we have a VOICE and this is our CHOICE. Support this as sign the petition. Thank You The Voice

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