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Signatures for The campaign to get our music played on CapitalXtra continues in 2014

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1 JulieTovey Totally agree!
2 MatthewJones Play the reggae music!
3 carliewalsh I will not listen to Capital extra. Choice was like no other station and loved my Sunday nights with Reggae and soca sounds. Capital extra is no different to all the other radio station now. Disgusted
4 BlainePingue Caribbean music sets us free and it is unfair not to let it be heard!!!
5 MrStevens Co-sign, Bring back Choice
6 AycanKemal  
7 izakblak Has ah singer/musician dis is most important widout dught mi in
8 SPepper  
9 AnnikaNation-Reid allow our children to understand, appreciate and embrace our culture through our music. It's hard enough that the educational institutions disregard our black heritage including during black history month, the US has a black president move with the times.
10 jasonfriday  
11 MudiamaKammoh I support this particular petition to force CapitalXtra FM to play "Black orientated" music like reggae, soca, ska, dancehall etc. during primetime or primeslot listening times.. This was a condition or guarantee or promise to Radio Licensing Regulators.
12 AnjiMarshall  
13 ClaudiaEstephane  
14 CHoward I'm not black, nor am I a Londoner, however, I did listen to Choice. It was a unique channel, such a shame. Please bring back Choice FM!
15 NereeMcKenzie  
16 lindasmalley Diversity is precious.
17 EllaBennett Play our music on Capital Xtra!
18 SteveRichards  
19 LaverneEdward  
20 JacquelineGeorge How are you supposed to support local talent if they cannot get any air play. this is crazy especially in 2014.
21 AndrewBrown To blatantly ignore nearly 30% of the population just because you don't like our music, is not only a TERRIBLE business decision, it borders on xenophobic! KEEP TO YOUR REMIT "Capital Xtra"!!!
22 charmaineatkinson  
23 LeanneThomas How can we live in a multi-cultural society if this is not reflected through radio stations and the media as a whole. Something smells fishy lol. #NoExcuses
24 claudetteantoine Quite dicusted that our Black music has been stooped from playing on air due to the change over. Why was we not questioned as viewers listening to the radio
25 TenikaB